Our vision

Let’s make the world a brighter place
one journey at the time.

Let’s map the Great Constellation

Travel Destinations: 2018-2020

Looking up at the universe, we see that it is filled with many stars. Imagine each one is a travel destination; but only the brightest stars are protecting their beauty. These are connected to the Great Constellation.

Phase 1: Alpha test

Identify and highlight what makes a bright star unique within the Great Constellation, then assist the star's Guardian in protecting its beauty.

Phase 2: Beta test

Implement the guiding compass that helps orientate a traveller’s journey towards the brighter stars within the Great Constellation.

Phase 3: Catalogue population

Increase the number of stars that make the Great Constellation beautiful, then attract visitors who wish to respectfully experience the brilliance of being a Good Traveller.

Let's do it!

IamaGoodTraveller is building a concrete set of communication tools that answer the specific needs of both Destinations and Travellers. Those tools promote and guide travellers towards making more sustainable choices so they can experience local cultures, communities, and environments in a responsible and conscientious manner.

Join us

If you are a Travel Destination Manager and you are promoting sustainable practices, we invite you to experience the benefits of our communication tools. You will attract Good Travellers wanting to visit your Destination while helping you achieve your conservation and protection goals.

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Our mission is to inspire active participation in sustainable practices. We share innovative approaches and ideas within the tourism marketspace. Specializing in IT solutions development and consulting, our international headquarters are located in Ottawa, Canada.