Our Compass

IamaGoodTraveller has been launched as the main reference for Responsible Travel worldwide. Here you will find our Great Constellation of Sustainable Travel Destinations. All of them are seriously committed to welcoming you as a Good Traveller and, through their IamaGoodTraveller Guide, offer you helpful advice on how to extend your sustainability-oriented lifestyle during your visits and enjoy a genuine experience, an honest and open-minded encounter with your hosts’ cultures, ways of life, food and environments.

As a Good Traveller, you can easily orient your travel choices using our compass. Inspired from the crosses that theTuareg Sahara Nomads used to navigate the desert, our compass helps you find the most sustainable destinations within our Constellation of travel opportunities.

You can think of the IamaGoodTraveller compass as a magical object; its brightness increases through five levels based on the strength of the sustainability-oriented travel experience offered by Travel Destinations.

Level 1

The destination has qualified as an IamaGoodTraveller member by demonstrating it has a project or a plan in place for Sustainable Tourism.

In the destination’s IamaGoodTraveller Guide you will find essential tips to: Minimise your environmental impact; Support the local economy; Contribute to social well-being; Support the conservation of its Cultural and Natural Heritage; Live an authentic and meaningful travel experience.

Level 2

The destination is actively investing in Sustainable Tourism.

The destination’s IamaGoodTraveller Guide will present concrete opportunities to spread the benefits and minimise the negative impacts of your visit. You can expect to find travel ideas that will help you actively support the local community's efforts towards protecting the beauty of their places and enhancing their wellbeing.

Level 3

The destination has made significant steps towards Sustainable Tourism.

The IamaGoodTraveller Guide will help you find the most sustainable Accommodation, Food and Shopping offers. You can expect to choose among a good variety of experiences that can be enjoyed responsibly.

Level 4

The destination has made remarkable steps towards Sustainable Tourism and it facilitates responsible travel choices.

The IamaGoodTraveller Guide presents a great number of sustainability-oriented travel offers. You can plan all aspects of your responsible travel with confidence.

Level 5

This destination is a Sustainable Tourism champion!

The IamaGoodTraveller Guide presents a very rich selection of high-quality Sustainable Tourism opportunities. You can expect that all your travel choices will have a positive impact and be applauded by our Good Traveller Community.

Thank you Fondazione Santagata

We wish to acknowledge and express our gratitude to Fondazione Santagata for the Economics of Culture (Turin, Italy). Through their dedication and applied expertise we were able to develop one of our platform’s key components: the Travel Destination Rating (TDR) system. The TDR not only helps our Good Travellers find the most sustainable Travel Destinations in our Constellation, but also shines a light on the Destination’s roadmap to sustainability.

Thank you Alessio Re and your team of talented research experts for all your kind assistance in developing our independently verified TDR system.

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CRiS Technologies

CRiS Technologies is an innovative startup specialized in web solutions and IT consulting. We operate in the sustainable tourism market offering new opportunities for both destinations and travellers. The team relies on an international network of professionals sensitive to the issues of sustainability.