Being a Good Traveller

You are aware of the sustainability issues related to Tourism and you don't want to contribute to them. You want to take an active role in improving the way you travel and have a positive impact on the destinations that you visit. These are the drivers that make you want to become a Good Traveller.

You are not alone!

We are building a Community of like minded travellers that seeks to be empowered, and actively participate as an agent of change. Being part of our Community of Good Travellers will turn your good intentions into actions and contribute to your sustainable lifestyle.

Inguz - our Guiding Symbol

In Norse mythology this rhombus-shaped rune belongs to the god Ing. He is linked to fertility and represents the male means of procreation. His seed, hidden in the earth, sprouts at the appropriate time revealing itself in a new form.

The “Inguz” rune affirms that nothing can stop us from becoming Good Travellers, because this is now the form that best fits our way of being.

As an agent of change, you are opening your door to a new form of expression: where is it leading? Beyond the apprehension of change also begins to flow the enjoyment and appreciation of a new opportunity, a new project.